About School

| Date:2013-07-25
    The School of Humanities and law of Hebei University of Science and Technology was established in December 1999, with its predecessor the Department of Humanities and Social Science of Hebei University of Science and Technology. In the school, there are department of law, department of journalism, department of Chinese language and literature, department of sociology, and two teaching and research sections of the basic principles of Marxism and the ideological and political education; the school is authorized to award four undergraduate course academic degrees, namely law, journalism, Chinese language and literature, sociology and two master’s degrees, the ideological and political education and the basic principles of Marxism; the school also owns a research center for the new countryside construction and development in Hebei province, a center for community building and development in Hebei province, Hebei provincial society for scientific development of old revolutionary areas, Hebei culture promotion association and other research institutions. At present, the school has enrolled 102 graduate students, 1132 undergraduate students and 224 students of continued education.

    The Building of Humanities and law, with an area of 20,000 square meters, is spacious and bright, splendid and glorious. The school is equipped with a library, academic hall, moot court, multimedia information center, photography lab, newsroom, experimental theater and other modern teaching aids. There are more than 13,000 volumes of the library collection, more than 650 audio-visual materials and more than 20,000 kinds of e-book. Also, separate rooms are set specifically for professors and doctors. The quality teaching resources, together with rich humanistic atmosphere, lay a solid foundation for humanities and law training.

    The school places special importance to teachers, vigorously implements the "talents" strategy and constantly improves the teachers ' professional titles and academic levels by the strategy of "internal training and external introduction" to strengthen the teaching faculty. There are 95 teachers, including 19 professors, 24 doctors, 1 research fellow of the ideological and political research institute of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, 1 member of the Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education of ideological and political theory course teaching in colleges and universities, 2 young experts with outstanding contributions in Hebeikj province. At the same time, the school has also hired many famous experts and scholars of the legal community, the press, the literary world and some substantive departments as guest professors or adjunct professor to give lectures on a regular basis. Nowadays, a highly promising faculty team has been formed, dominated by young and middle-aged teachers, complete with the combination of teachers of all ages from both inside and outside of the university and the reasonable structure of academic title, degree, educational background.

    The school takes teaching as its first priority, deepening teaching reform and promoting individualized education. The course of ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis is selected as 2012 excellent video open course by the Ministry of Education. The course of ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis and the situation and policies are named as provincial level excellent courses. Over these years, the well-known activity "talk on half month hot issues" of the situation and policy course has had a broad impact in the country, its curriculum team elected to the Ministry of Education website cooperation team of ideological and political theory courses in colleges and universities. The faculty members are awarded 3 first prizes of provincial teaching achievement award, 5 second prizes and third prizes. The school has set up teaching practice bases as a broad platform for students in Xibaipo Memorial Hall, Hebei Daily, Hebei Television, Qiaodong District People's Court, Chang’an District People's Procuratorate and other places as well. In addition, for the extension of the student's academic field, the school also actively hosts all kinds of academic seminars, invites external experts and scholars over to give lectures.

    Our school adheres to the principle of promoting teaching by scientific research, actively encourages the simultaneous development of teachers ' teaching and scientific research and gets fruitful achievements. In recent years, the school assumed 151 various kinds of scientific research projects, among which 14 national social science funds, the Ministry of Science and Technology soft science and other national topics, 137 provincial social science research topics; the staff achieved 1 first prize of provincial level outstanding social science award, four second prizes and 11 third prizes and published more than 1500 professional academic papers, among which more than 450 papers published in Qiushi, Forward Position, People’s Forum, Theoretical Exploration, People’s Procuratorial Semimonthly, Social Scientist, Chinese Journalist, more than 10 papers reprinted by Xinhua Abstracts and the Photocopying Material of Newspapers and Periodicals of Renmin University of China; the staff also published 102 monographs, translations and textbooks in the People's Publishing House and the Legal Publishing House.

    We continuously optimize the talents cultivation mode, focusing on the cultivation of students’ creativity and practical ability. In recent years, the students won 1first prize of National Collegiate "Challenge Cup", 2 second prizes, 4 gold medals of the National Aerospace model Championships, 1 second prize and 1 third prize of National University Students’ Cultural and Art Exhibition, a number of awards in various provincial contests and won college debate championship for 6 consecutive years. The school, for many years continuously, was named the university social practice advanced unit, the advanced unit of student employment and the advanced unit of volunteer activities in the West.

    Currently, the School of Humanities and Law clings to the important thought of Deng Xiaoping's theory and "three representatives" for guide, firmly sets and seriously implements scientific development views, acts on the university motto of "enterprising and responsible", carries forward the university spirit of "aggressiveness, collaboration, and dedication", grabs and takes advantage of opportunities, struggles hard for the construction of a school of humanities and law with unique national feature and distinct provincial advantage!