| Date:2013-07-25

    The school places special importance to teachers, vigorously implements the "talents" strategy and constantly improves the teachers ' professional titles and academic levels by the strategy of "internal training and external introduction" to strengthen the teaching faculty. There are 95 teachers, including 19 professors, 24 doctors, 1 research fellow of the ideological and political research institute of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, 1 member of the Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education of ideological and political theory course teaching in colleges and universities, 2 young experts with outstanding contributions in Hebei province. Teachers mostly graduate from PekingUniversity, TsinghuaUniversity, Renmin University of China, Shandong University, JinanUniversity, Huazhong Normal University, Hebei

University, and other leading universities and some teachers have overseas study experience, hence good international perspective. At the same time, the school has also hired many famous experts and scholars of the legal community, the press, the literary world and some substantive departments as guest professors or adjunct professor to give lectures on a regular basis. Nowadays, a highly promising faculty team has been formed, dominated by young and middle-aged teachers, complete with the combination of teachers of all ages from both inside and outside of the university and the reasonable structure of academic title, degree, educational background.