Li Xuebin, the officials of British addressed a lecture in the School of H& L

| Date:2016-12-08

June 27 to July 2, Mr. Li, made a speech about Introduction to the British criminal justice system. During this period, Gao Guozhong who is the leader of the School of Humanity and Law   deliver his views on legal research, student training and professional construction, and got a heated discussion with Mr. Li.
    Mr. Li introduced the main theory of criminal law in the United Kingdom based on typical cases and his personal experience, including personal injury, robbery, theft, sexual crimes, domestic violence and other crimes. Mr. Li also talked about the structure and responsibilities of the English criminal court system. Besides, Mr. Li share the experience of learning English and studying abroad.
    Mr. Li organized groups to study cases by using technology tools, which created a active phenomenon and thus students got more knowledge.       
    On July 1, Mr. Li discussed the options, methods and process of typical cases in the UK with the knowledgeable teachers in our institute.